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Transforming my resume from Auditory-Sequential Appeaser to Visual-Spatial Pleaser

Inspired by the infographic above by Brandy Agerbeck, I was thrilled to have the opportunity to redesign my resume. Bored of the tired, traditional layout I learnt from my final days in teachers college (nearly 10 years ago), I thought what better time to showcase all the learning that’s happened during course 3…especially since this is a job hunt year for us.

Below you will see the transformation of my old resume to my new, current one.

Let the remixing and revamping begin!

My former resume, while following simple CARP design principles, had a very traditional layout. In short, there was nothing eye-catching or memorable about it at all.

My old resume from 2011 (PDF Here)

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I’m naturally a very visual person and my eye is immediately drawn to colours and photos, as I mentioned in my previous post Drawing for Dummies.  I wanted my resume to represent my understanding of CARP principles of design, and stayed true to the following attributes on my poster:

Contrast: Bold colours, blue against white; black and white photo on blue. Angular text boxes against soft edged shapes (page 1) and alternating between bold text boxes with white writing, and the empty space on the page with complementing blue writing (contrasting with the white).

Alignment: All texts, photos and text boxes align. I really struggled on the second page to find a proper place for my headshot…not sure it’s necessary but in the end it seemed to balance the page out. I really spent a lot of time organising this and trying to find suitable and appropriate shaped text boxes for the different sections. When there was a missing space in the top left of the first page,  (my primary job search focus is to get back to the classroom…now that I’m buzzing with so many great ideas to try from Coetail & Eduro!) I thought to add the summary of my candidacy to balance the page. I think the grey contrasts slightly enough from the rest of the resume so that the eye isn’t immediately drawn to it, but it stands out on its own enough to be recognised. I think this is especially important since I have had so many roles, I want them to be clear which one I’m applying for.

Repetition: Similar fonts throughout: Helveltica Neue (light) and Helveltica Neue (bold). The texture for the background is also copied on both pages, and the colour scheme is the same for the letters and text boxes. I also maintained which texts were kept in ‘bold’ and which were ‘regular’. I hope this draws the readers attention to the key words, such as my certifications and leadership experience.

Proximity: I grouped all my contact and portfolio in one text box so prospective employers could browse the various platforms I use to connect with educators and schools. I wanted my professional development, certification, and leadership to ‘jump’ off the page and thought to isolate them in three similar text boxes with borders. Based on the numerous interviews and job fairs I’ve attended the past 8 years, this information tends to appeal more to admin I think than just which positions a candidate has held.

Revamped Resume (PDF Here)

Screen Shot 2015-09-12 at 11.46.28Screen Shot 2015-09-12 at 11.46.38

New resume for 2015/16 job search

I used Pages to design a template using various shapes/boxes for photos and text. I was initially inspired by the newsletter styles, with large photos and unique text. I chose a colour and texture theme that complemented the photos I was going to include. I also chose two photos to appeal to visual-spatial folk: one of me working in the Early Years with a student, and the second was from this summer at the Apple Distinguished Educators Institute in Amsterdam where I delivered my 1in3 Showcase on Blogging in Early Years. I felt these two photos represented two of my greatest passions as an educator: embedding technology in the classroom with students and connecting with like-minded, innovative teachers.

Revamping this resume was extremely rewarding as I was able to apply many of the Visual Literacy skills I learned in the course and improve it for my job search this year.

Finally I’ve started to design an infographic using Since I haven’t had much experience with infographics I wanted to at least create a simple one to summarise some of my experience in a dynamic way.

Check out my updated About Me Page here!

11 Replies to “Revamped Resume”

  1. Hi Jocelyn,

    I really like your new resume.

    Just a thought, I glanced at your resume before reading your post, but if you are looking to get
    back into the classroom, what might it look like if you put PYP teacher to the left of Tech Coach below your image?

  2. Jocelyn Sutherland (I’m quite impressed and feel the need to use both of your names :)) this is fantastic! I really like your action shot. I also like how you managed to keep the visuals sophisticated and streamlined but maintained a lot of the information that would be important for potential employers.

  3. Hi Jocelyn! I have been thinking about posting a similar idea for this week. I too am re-vamping my resume for the job hunt this year and I have been struggling to find a way to fit in an infographic. I feel that some employers may want to see more traditional CV’s while at the same time I want to do something new and interesting looking. I like your resume design and your usage of carp design principles. Your design is easy to read, pleasing to the eye, and sure to be effective. I’d sure hire you! I also like your clean and informative infographic. I think I am going to go a similar route to you with mixing a more traditional resume style while having some visual components mixed in, I plan on keeping my infographic as an extra on my website. Good luck with the job hunt!

  4. I like your CV and the infographic both very much. The difference between them helps to resolve some of my issues with what I eventually created – it’s caught halfway between, and not quite either! The CV especially looks polished and professional, making it clear what you are looking for and who you are as a teacher. Good luck finding a classroom job!

  5. Hi Jocelyn
    I love the layout of your new resume. It’s clear and appealing. I particularly like the way you have highlighted the role you are applying for. It makes it easy to see which direction you want to take. Having four key areas of experience in bold in the center shows at a glance the diverse range of skills you have to offer. You’ve inspired me to start thinking about how I should redesign my own CV! Thanks and good luck.

  6. Hi @kmatthews @joyw @tanyaleclair @leahbortolin @thammerlund …Just going through old comments and trying to respond, and realised the reason this one is so empty was because I was in the MIDST of job hunting when you were leaving feedback.

    Thank you so much for your comments and feedback…I’m happy to say that this resume layout DID help me land a job at UWCSEA starting this June 2016. I think the most enjoyable part of creating this resume was thinking from the perspective of a prospective administrator and prioritising what they might like to see first. Choosing an appropriate photo to complement the experience listed on the resume was also challenging, but was a valuable process for me to focus on a ‘less is more’ approach and just highlight the important skills I have to offer a new school. Thank you again and I look forward to seeing your revamped resumes on Coetail too!

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